Who is Rebecca Lynn Pope?

Rebecca Lynn Pope is the CEO and founder of several global six and seven-figure businesses and brands. She has always loved building businesses and currently coaches purpose-driven entrepreneurs on how to create multiple streams of income and scale up to six-figures. 

She is a master Abundant Life Coach who specializes in helping people to heal and experience life-changing breakthrough and enlightenment. Rebecca is best known for relationship coaching, spiritual healing, confidence coaching, business coaching, and leadership development. 

Rebecca is an anointed Healer and Intuitive who believes that ministry has moved from within the four walls of the church into the marketplace. Her clients, mentees, and members around the world rely on her for spiritual insight, wisdom, and guidance. 

In addition to being an author and motivational speaker, she is the founder of the Abundant Life Path Coaching Certification and the Divine Dreamers Abundant Life Circle. She holds international, luxury Abundant Life Retreats that are powerful and transformative experiences for attendees. Rebecca is also the founder of the Godly Girls Club, an organization for women of faith with thousands of members globally. Her retreats, events, and courses continually change lives and sellout worldwide.

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Abundant Life Path (ALP)?

Rebecca defines Abundant Life as success in five areas of life: health, wealth, love, peace, and purpose. The Abundant Life Path (ALP) is a premium coaching course she created to help clients elevate in all of these areas. It is a series of proprietary steps and techniques that lead a client through a personal development journey to overcome pain, fear, and to remove the mindsets and habits that are blocking success in life.

The ALP course has successfully helped people to lose weight, heal their bodies, find purpose and deeper levels of fulfillment, increase peace, develop their spiritual gifts, attract healthy loving relationships, get married, launch new businesses, receive promotions, and to increase revenue with current companies.   

work with rebecca lynn pope one-on-one

Abundant Life Path

Work with Rebecca one-on-one in this 12-week personal coaching course.



12 1-Hour LIVE sessions with Rebecca


12- Step Program that includes Rebecca's proprietary methods and techniques:

  1. Evaluation & Daily Abundant Life Routine
  2. Healing Detox
  3. Acceptance and Forgiveness
  4. Self-Love and Confidence
  5. Abundant Mindset
  6. Your Gifts, Skills, and Passions
  7. Your Purpose Path
  8. Your Dream Life
  9. Setting Goals and Action Steps
  10. Activating the Strategy
  11. Manifesting Abundant Life
  12. Accountability

Abundant life is more than money. It is health, love, peace, purpose, and wealth!

Divine Dreamers

Rebecca Lynn created the Divine Circle as a way to connect and coach more personally with women who are serious about manifesting their abundant life. Through the Divine Circle you’ll receive exclusive access to Rebecca Lynn’s coaching programs, such as Divine Love, which until now were only available to premium coaching clients.

Within the private community, you’ll receive course homework, advice, tips, and group coaching for abundant life. You will also receive support and empowerment from other circle members.

Divine Circle members also receive special discounts for retreats, classes, and events.

Godly Girls Club

Founded by Rebecca Lynn Pope, Godly Girls are women that love God. Godly Girls are healing, growing, and evolving through relationship with Him. Godly Girls are surrendering to God’s purpose on our lives to accomplish our divine destiny. Godly Girls are growing in God daily through prayer and discipleship. Godly Girls are sisters that support each other with love, kindness, and transparency. Godly Girls are striving to put God first in every area of our life.

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