Who is Rebecca Lynn Pope?

Rebecca Lynn Pope is the CEO and founder of several global six and seven-figure businesses and brands. She has always loved building businesses and currently coaches spirit-led entrepreneurs on how to create multiple streams of income and scale up to six and seven-figures.

She is a master Abundant Life & Love Coach who specializes in helping people to heal and manifest their dreams. Rebecca is best known for relationship coaching, spiritual healing, confidence coaching, business coaching, and leadership development.

Rebecca is a spiritual Healer and Intuitive who believes that ministry has begun to move from within the four walls of the church into the marketplace. She is known for her tough love approach to coaching and believes that holding clients accountable to face their ish is crucial for life transformation. Her clients, mentees, and members around the world rely on her for spiritual insight, wisdom, and guidance.

In addition to being an author and motivational speaker, she is the CEO of the Abundant Life Path Coaching Certification and the Millionaire Coach, a branding and marketing company.

She has personally trained and certified over 250 Abundant Life Coaches around the world on how to develop their own highly successful professional coaching businesses. Together, with her husband, Kerry A. Pope, she founded Abundant Life Path University, that offers courses on life, love, business, and leadership. Rebecca holds international, luxury leadership retreats that are powerful and transformative experiences for coaches. Her online courses, workbooks, certifications, and retreats continually change lives and sellout worldwide.

Rebecca is the host of the new hit show, Marry Me Now, on the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN). You can also binge watch her viral content on her YouTube channel.




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New Bestselling Book & Digital Course Now Available

Get the #1 New Release & Bestselling book and course bundle from RLP. Rebecca has used her proprietary Abundant Life Coaching methods for over a decade to help clients reach their goals and manifest their dreams. Her new course and book, Abundant Life is Yours! gives you access to that knowledge! The bundle gives you the blueprint to help you design and manifest your own Abundant Life. Learn how to analyze every area of your life to start taking action and co-create the life God intended for you.

Abundant Life Path Coaching Certification (ALPCC)?

Rebecca defines Abundant Life as success in five areas of life: health, wealth, love, peace, and purpose. For over a decade, Rebecca worked with clients one-on-one to help them heal: mind, body, and spirit. Through that work she developed the Abundant Life Path (ALP)course, a proprietary sequence of coaching steps that lead clients through a personal development journey to overcome pain, fear, and to remove the mindsets and habits that are blocking success in life. 

The ALP course has successfully helped people to lose weight, heal their bodies, find purpose and deeper levels of fulfillment, increase peace, develop their spiritual gifts, attract healthy loving relationships, get married, launch new businesses, receive promotions, and increase revenue in their businesses.Rebecca has always attracted leaders as clients. As her clients healed and began to pursue their next levels of purpose and passion, many became interested in becoming heart-centered life coaches.

Rebecca developed The Abundant Life Path Coaching Certification (ALPCC) as a way to train and license these leaders to use her proprietary coaching steps and systems to help clients heal. ALPCC is an executive-level program for professional coaches who desire to build their own highly successful coaching practice.

ALPCC is the #1 executive-level business and leadership training for spirit-led coaches. We have certified over 250 professional life coaches worldwide.



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Some of the Abundant Life Courses Will Include:

  • Healing Detox
  • Acceptance and Forgiveness
  • Self-Love, Confidence, and Believing in Yourself
  • Abundant Mindset
  • Your Gifts, Skills, and Passions
  • Your Purpose Path
  • Your Dream Life
  • Setting Goals and Action Steps
  • Manifesting Abundant Life

Abundant life is more than money. It is health, WEALTH, love, peace, AND purpose!

Millionaire Coach

For years, Rebecca Lynn Pope has used her branding and digital marketing genius to make millions in her own coaching business. She has personally trained and certified over 250 Abundant Life Coaches around the world on how to develop their own highly successful professional coaching businesses. There is one common denominator that Rebecca identifies between her coaches who struggle to get clients and turn a profit vs. those who scale to six figures and monumental success…Professional Branding & Marketing!

At Millionaire Coach, we provide custom luxury branding and marketing services for high-ticket professional coaches. Services include:

  • Designer Photoshoots
  • Luxury Branding
  • Digital Ads & Marketing
  • Social Media Management

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